Luxury Vinyl Plank Style Options

Authentic Plank
[12 available colors]

Beauflor Pure plank
[8 available colors]

Builder’s Choice
[3 available colors]
Cali Vinyl Pro Longboards
[8 available colors]
Vinyl Pro Classic
[12 available colors]
Vinyl Pro with Mute Step
[16 available colors]

Harvest Plank
[6 available colors]

Loose Lay Plank
[6 available colors]
Majestic Plank
[6 available colors]
Authentic Mix
[6 available colors]
Classic Strip
[6 available colors]
Colonial Plank
[12 available colors]
Timeless Plank
[6 available colors]

Columbian Oak
[2 available colors]


We have standard and premium samples for all our products. Standard Samples are good for those who are pretty certain about what they want. 

Premium Samples are for those who need a better idea of what their floor is going to look like. Samples can be found on the individual product pages.

For clients in Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota, since you live close by, click here to get free samples.

Why Luxury Vinyl Planks?

Before Luxury Vinyl Planks made their appearance, the only wood like floor home owners could purchase was laminate. While laminate is still a great option, it often didn’t hold up in busier households that saw large top-down moisture exposure, such as muddy shoes, pet water bowels, ice cubes, etc.

Luxury Vinyl Planks, whether they’re 100% vinyl, WPC, or SPC, cover the weaknesses of actual hardwood or laminate. The variety in looks and construction ensure there is a luxury vinyl plank made almost specifically for your project.

Price Matching/ Pallet Pricing/ etc:

If you’ve got a better offer for the same product from a reputable source (no second grade goods) we’d be more than happy to price match it. Also, for quantities in excess of 1,200sqft, we typically have pallet pricing.

We are working hard to automate our system to automatically give you pallet pricing if you qualify based on your quantities. In the meantime, feel free to contact us for pricing inquiries by clicking the button below.

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