Carpet Style Options

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Due to the more “complex” nature of carpet, we only service North Dakota, South Dakota, and Minnesota. This means we will deliver standard sample boards of any style on the website or in our store at no extra charge. If you have your own installer, we would prefer to go off of their measurements as it is crucial for seam layout.

Why Carpet?

Carpet has enjoyed a large share of the flooring industry for a long time, though it’s share of the market has dropped considerably with improvements in hard surface flooring. 

However, there is still a place for carpet, and with improvements in comfort, color, durability, and pricing, carpet is still a popular option. If you want to keep a room warm in the winter (or cooler in the summer), reduce ambient noise, simply make a ro

Price Matching/ Roll Pricing/ etc:

If you’ve got a better offer for the same product from a reputable source (no second grade goods) we’d be more than happy to price match it. 

    Generally, rolls over 70 feet in length qualify for roll pricing. 

    Delivery for your carpet and pad is free.