Why Finance?

Often times, when remodeling a home, it can feel challenging enough having to sort through endless design options, lining up contractors, getting quotes, without having to consider the entire process for how you will pay to get your dream project done.

Maybe you’re considering breaking your project into sections, but you run the risk that some of the options you’ve selected for your project may no longer be available when you get to them or their price may drastically change.

Whatever your reason might be to remodel, financing may be a great option to consider. Best of all, we can take care of the financing process quickly via a tablet from the comfort of your home.

Check out the other options below to know which financing companies we work with, current financing specials, and a method to request more information. 

Financing Options

We have a variety of financing options because we have a variety of clients with different project needs. The two main companies we work with are Medallion Bank and Synchrony.

Here is a brief overview of the two:

Medallion Bank offers term loans and requires people to own their homes in order to obtain financing. If you want us to perform your installation in addition to providing your flooring materials, Medallion has very attractive programs. Medallion will not finance material only purchases.

Synchrony offers lines of credit via their Synchrony Home cards. We also offer Mohawk Financing via Synchrony. If you simply want to purchase your product from us, Synchrony is the way to go as they are willing to finance material only purchases. They will also finance purchases that include installation.

Current Specials

We have specials from time to time, provided by either the financing companies or ourselves. From now until January 31st 2021 we have the following specials.

Medallion Bank (Materials + Installation Only)
  • 6 Months – $0 Down, 0% Interest during promo period, 5% off discount, No Monthly Payments
  • 12 Months – $0 Down, 0% Interest during promo period, No Monthly Payments
  • 24 Months – 25% Down, 0% Interest during promo period, No Monthly Payments

Synchrony Home/ Mohawk (Materials and/or Installation)

  • 12 Months Interest Deferred Financing + 5% off
  • 18 Months Interest Deferred Financing
     Sometimes these financing specials may be combined with other discounts or specials, ask our employees for more details.


    Request More Info

    Whether you’ve got more questions about our financing programs or you want to request a quote, feel free to click the button below to get your Free Flooring Quote today. And remember, we can do everything from the comfort of your home!