It’s been amazing going back through some five to six years worth of project photos and seeing improvements in our processes as well as our improvements in photography.

This sheet vinyl installation project was done in a 70+ year old lake cabin in Spiritwood Lake, just north of Jamestown, North Dakota in 2015. The brand was probably Congoleum. The pattern looked really neat next to the older cabinets and trim work.

A few things had to be done before the sheet vinyl could be installed. The old vinyl flooring had to be tore out, but under the sheet vinyl were old, narrow floor boards. We couldn’t install 1/4″ Plywood as it would have prevented the door from opening, which would have required a carpenter to raise the door, which would have been difficult given the age of the cabin, the budget, and deadlines.

For these reasons, we used ARDEX Feather Finish to fill in the gaps between the floor boards and gave it a second skim coat to give it the smooth finish it needed. Looking back, if we knew what we know now, we would have used our Design Audit to gauge the possibility for extra work such as checking the current clearing between the floor and door. We would also know that based on the age of the cabin, the subfloor would probably require extra prep work.

With this client, we didn’t measure for flooring as we didn’t sell flooring at this time. The customer had their own measurements. So given that none of us expected the door/ subfloor issues and because the client didn’t have any issues with his older sheet vinyl installation, they gave us the go ahead and we installed over the sheet vinyl with some cold resistant adhesive.

The client was happy and the installation has held up, which is what counts.

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