In 2014, we did our first project using the Schluter waterproofing system. The bathroom had an old vinyl surround and tub. The bathroom had to be gutted and waterproofed before the shower tile could be installed.

A few things to note, in order to get the waterproofing warranty from Schluter, we had to use their approved setting material at the time, Bostik’s Ditra Set that is good for both Ditra and Kerdi membranes. The tile was a porcelain from Syverson Tile & Stone.

After the shower was gutted, a niche and bench were formed, before installing the cement board and then installing the waterproofing membrane. After doing so, the tile was laid out so as to see where the lines would run. The client decided she wanted to have the lines running through the niche. For the changes in plane around the niche, the bench, and the curb, Schluter Profiles were used.

The floor of the shower was natural stone, and the floor in the bathroom was tile of the same line as on the walls. The client opted to have a tiled wainscoting installed going around the entire bathroom. The remainder of the installation, namely the sink and vanity, were done by the homeowner. The final touch was the bamboo plant which helps whoever showers feel like they’re being whisked away somewhere else.

We wish we took the professional photographs we take nowadays and in better lighting, but this was our first shower in the Fargo, North Dakota. The biggest difference between now and then is the quality of our installations, our use of newer materials, and of course, our pricing.

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