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Why do we love Cali Vinyl Pro so much?

Cali Bamboo was the first company that decided to open a vendor account with us in 2016. We started with their hardwood line, and a few months later, they came out with their Cali Vinyl Plus line. While it was as good as other WPC lines we worked with at the time, it was not until they came out with their Cali Vinyl Pro that we almost completely replaced all other vinyl lines with their vinyl products.

The reasons were actually pretty simple:

✔️High Quality Construction: Good plank construction makes our installation job easier and makes us confident that if we install it correctly, we can warranty the installation for the lifetime of the flooring.

✔️High Quality Images: Many vinyl and hardwood look products have very low quality images in addition to noticeably few images. So you see the same, low quality image over and over. Mesquite and Redefined Pine are some of the best examples of this.

✔️Amazing Value: By using their GeoCore (Limestone and Vinyl mixture), this floor is waterproof and resists shrinking/ expansion/ buckling where most other fail at doing this.

✔️Environmental and Indoor Air Quality : We won’t name any company in particular, but many times, some big box retailers or wholesalers have been found to be selling obscure brands with low quality images and durability, and worse, low indoor air standards. Cali Bamboo has taken care of making sure all their flooring products exceed the standards set forth by the EPA, so you can rest assured knowing your family’s health is safe.


In Conclusion:

We’d be more than happy to not just tell you, but show you why any of Cali Bamboo’s products won’t just look good in your home, but also exceed all of your needs. So click the REQUEST YOUR QUOTE button or fill in the form below to get your Free, Guaranteed, No Surprises Quote today.

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