BeauFlor’s New Pure LVT is a great floor.

BeauFlor Pure LVT Flooring

Waterproof & Easy to Install

Valley City North Dakota installation of Beauflor Pure LVT flooring by LaValle Flooring in 2020 at Posh Salon.

Overview (SKIP to Bottom for Install Video):

At LaValle Flooring, we value quality. Everyone says it, but few mean it. We were introduced to the Beauflor brand and their PURE vinyl floor product by our flooring rep, Shawn. He was excited about the quality of the flooring. It has a 22mil wear layer, which makes it a commercially rated product. Most of all, he was excited about what he called Beauflor’s Dream Click installation system. Shawn said that it allowed us to install in herringbone and other patterns.

Typically, we’re only able to do herringbone with a glue down floor. The best part of PURE, aside from it being waterproof, was how quiet it was compared to the old VCT flooring. It took a while before we installed the product. When we finally installed it, we were very happy about the results.

Durable, Easy to Install, Less Waste, Design Flexibility

Beauflor’s Pure LVT come in 12 x 24 tiles. Many of their colors have similar names but the shades are slightly different. This allows you to put highlights in a floor. This gives it a nice contrast. By using contrasting colors, it helps reduce how noticeable wear & tear appears on the floor. Combined with the Dream Click system, you can mix and match colors. You can install the floor in various patterns, such as herringbone.

It used to take highly skilled installers to do patterns, such as herringbone. Because Beauflor has created a high quality floor, patterns are now much easier. This gives more design flexibility in kitchens, entryways, or basements! This product has been especially sought after for bathrooms. Because it is waterproof and has a commercial grade wear layer, it’s also pet and kid friendly.

Beauflor Pure LVT Newcastle Shadow

Beauflor Pure Newcastle Shadow install in Central North Dakota.

Posh Salon Project

Our first large project with Pure was at Posh Salon in Valley City, ND. It’s a beauty salon with many services. This includes hair color treatment, massages, facials, etc. Due to improper maintenance, the VCT was not holding up well. The old owner had not cleaned the floors and waxed over the old wax and dirt. This gave the vct floors a yellow, dirty look. Also, the floors were improperly installed. The glue was dry and tiles were loose. The only thing holding the floor down was probably the wax.

     We tore up the VCT and prepped the floors. We started from the back of the salon. The floor install went smoothly once we knew the tricks to the install. We also installed Aria Vents in the main areas. This meant the design flowed a little better as seen below.

Aria Vent with BeauFlor Pure LVT


So as to not get too long winded, we made a video. The install went smoothly and the client was happy. We’ve included brief install instructions for BeauFlor Pure 12 x 24 LVT. We hope the following is informative. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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