What type of carpet?

Carpet fiber Types

It’s probably a bit overwhelming going into a carpet store and seeing all different sorts of fibers. From nylons, polyesters, olefins, smartstrands, triextas, blends. Without going too much into detail, we’ll list the carpet types and then write a few notes on their pros and cons. Let’s begin. 



  1. Durability, when compared to an olefin or polyester carpet of a similar face-weight and construction, nylons are much mroe durable and crush resistant. Great for offices, commercial applications, hallways, living rooms, or stairs.
  2. Non-Absorbent, Mildew resistant, Better abrasion resistance than wool.
  3. With proper treatment, it can have good stain resistance, such as with StainMaster carpet. 


  1. It is mostly acid dyed instead of solution dyed. Acid dyed means the fibers are dyed after production, unlike solution dyed, where fibers are dyed during production. 
  2. This means it can have problems with bleach, urine stains, unless it has proper treatment. 
  3. StainProtection can wear off on many treated nylons over time, especially if they are not cared for as the manufacturer specifies. Ask your carpet store to provide you the written warranty. (Warranties are a topic for another day!)

To be continued… 12/20/2016


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