Valley City North Dakota mute step Huntington Hickory Flooring Install

Project Overview

This flooring installation was done at a Landmark II in Valley City, North Dakota in August of 2021. It was straight forward as we were able to install the Mute Step Huntington Hickory LVP flooring over the old sheet vinyl. We did have to remove the carpet, pad, and tack strip in the living room. Prep was minimal, mostly in the form of filling in low spots with Uzin 182 patching compound. Our client chose those product because it is waterproof, scratch resistant, and it went well with the existing woodwork. Often our clients have a hard time updating their homes if they have existing natural oak trim. A good way around that is getting a fresh earth tone design as it goes well with the older trim and cabinets.  

Before Demo of Carpet

After Carpet Tear Out and prepping with Uzin 182

  The Cali Bamboo Huntington Hickory SPC floor does well with pets, water, traffic etc. Our installers laid the flooring throughout the living room, kitchen, bathroom and entryway. We did need to ramp up to the old sheet vinyl. Using Uzin 182 ramping compound, we were able to ramp up and patch the floor and install within an hour.  Unlike the other Cali Bamboo products like Builder’s Choice or Pro Classic, Mute Step uses a traditional click system. It is known as the Unilin Click System, which is also found in Southwind Products like Authentic Plank or Classic Strip.  We were able to get this project done on time and the tenant was very happy with their finished product. For any questions regarding products, installation, or general inquiries, check the buttons below.


Project Costs

This project ran around $8,600 for 914 square feet of product and installation. This is in line with our averages you can calculate using our Flooring Quote Calculator. To use our Flooring Quote Calculator, click the following button.

Materials Used

We used the following materials for this project:

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