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New Kitchen Cabinets Installed For As Low as $99 per month!


               We’re best known for the quality of our flooring installations and products and it wasn’t until 2019 that we started promoting our cabinet and countertop services. We took a few years to refine our measuring, quoting, scheduling, service, and cabinet line, but we are extremely pleased with what we have to offer our clients.

                Our main cabinet line is HomeCrest by Masterbrand Cabinets, with Omega and Shrock Cabinets available as well. Our cabinets are backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty and the quality of our cabinets is only exceeded by the quality of our service and installation!

                For countertops, we have several brands such as Hanstone and MSI. Whether you want new cabinets with your new countertops or just want countertops, we will measure and give you a guaranteed quote for finishing your project. We’ll also offer suggestions or check out whatever you have saved on Pinterest or Houzz!

                We recognize you’ve worked hard to earn your money and your investment in your home is something we don’t take lightly. Therefore, we’ve extended our flooring warranty to our remodel warranty. If you’re not happy the first 30 days for any reason, we will replace the materials for free, you just pay the difference in labor! It’s an incentive for us to make sure we go the extra mile to make sure we get things done right the first time, and a peace of mind for you!

                If you have any questions or would like to get a quote, click here!

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Right off the bat, we’re probably going to be one of the higher priced options when it comes to replacing your carpet. That said, we’re probably THE best option. We take the time to cross examine your needs and wants and how they fit your budget, and ensure that your selection is installed so well that we match the manufacturer warranty with our own. In addition to that, we add on a seperate FIVE YEAR carpet restretch warranty for all carpets we sell that are owner occupied and installed over new carpet padding. If you’re interested in learning more about our carpet installation procedures, click here. 

Using our Design Audit Process in combination with our reading of the Carpet & Rug Institute Guidelines for proper installation AND maintenance, we ensure our installers know how to install your carpet and we help walk you through how best to take care of your carpet. And if that wasn’t enough, we provide a lifetime supply of spot treatment to help get rid of most everyday stains, with a few notable exceptions (Sorry! We can’t help with Permanent Marker!) 

Cut Loop Patterned Carpet Installation in West Fargo, North Dakota

For many of our client’s, carpet is simply a portion of their project, sometimes they only have it installed in their bedrooms or on their stairs. When working with multiple floor coverings, such as vinyl, hardwood, tile, etc, it’s important and less stressful to have a company that can meet your expectations when installing all of your products, not just one. Luckily for you, we know we’ll meet and probably exceed your expectations.

Lastly, we’d like to briefly touch on our warranties. For carpet, the biggest complaints are seams falling apart and the carpet wrinkling and requiring constant restretching, often within a year of installation. We strongly believe this shouldn’t be an issue for our clients. Most claims are refused by manufacturers due to improper installation and maintenance, even if the problem is not affected by the installation/ maintenance oversight. Most stores will not warranty their work past a year, and often, the store isn’t the one warranting your installation, but rather the independent contractor. 

Image:Springfield Suites Carpet Installation Grand Forks, North Dakota

At LaValle, all our carpet installations are warrantied for the extended period of time (carpets have different warranties, some for 5 years all the way up to 25 years+) regardless if it was our subcontractors or employees. In fact, we mostly have employees install our floor coverings as it’s easier to ensure a standard level of quality in regards to installation and we set aside hours of the work week specifically dedicated to training on the job or in our warehouse with manufacturer representatives. 

We hope we weren’t too long winded and that this was an informative overview that’ll help you make the best decision when it comes to investing your money in the form of new carpet and installation. 

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