Phenix Entice Carpet

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$18.10 sq. yd.

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Phenix Entice

Warm and Comfortable 100% SureSoftSD Polyester Carpet

Phenix Entice carpet is a great addition to any home. Despite what many will tell you, carpet is still a great flooring option. It helps insulate your home and reduce noise levels (awesome for basements.) Most modern carpets are solution dyed and have some sort of additional stain protection.

Stain Protection:

Unless you plan on actively spilling wine and drawing on your carpet with sharpies, your carpet should stand up to most accidents. This is especially good news for busy homes with children or pets.

Carpet Padding:

Combine this with one of our premium carpet pads by Leggett & Platt. Some of these carpet pads include Scotchguard Plus or Arcadia. We only sell 8 pound carpet pad or better. This ensures we comply with the terms of your manufacturer carpet warranty. It also helps prolong the life of your carpet. 

All carpet installed by LaValle Flooring has a Lifetime of the Carpet Warranty on installation. A good carpet, a better pad, and excellent installation is a recipe for success.


As of 2021, we only sell Phenix Entice carpet in a limited area, mostly North & South Dakota and Minnesota. The reason for this is that unlike the SPC or WPC floors, carpet requires a lot of special tools to properly install. We feel it would be wrong to sell carpet if we can’t offer installation services. However, if you live within our service area and just want material, CARPET DELIVERY IS FREE.

Install Check Off List:

When purchasing new carpet, here are a few buying and project tips.

  • Ensure previous flooring has been removed, if any.
  • Check the carpet pad has been rated as Class II for heavy traffic.
  • Keep receipts for purchase of carpet and install.
  • Schedule professional carpet cleaning once a year.
  • Ask your installer if he plans on power stretching the carpet (This is a must.)
  • Consult with manufacturer and professional installer for additional, unseen, project tasks.


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