Southwind Loose Lay Plank *8005 Timber Wood*

Timber Wood has a mix of light, medium and dark browns. Loose Lay Planks are waterproof and easy to install with its non skid backing.

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$3.67 sq. ft.

Actual Area (sq. ft.) 20
Total Price $73.40

Southwind Loose Lay Plank Timber Wood

Waterproof and Durable Flooring

Timber Wood is a great option. Especially for busy homes with children or pets. It is scratch resistant and waterproof. It also has an attached padding for noise reduction! This means it's suitable flooring for not only your kitchen or bathrooms. It's also great for your basement. This floor is affordable, especially since you don't pay sales tax. Contact us for pallet pricing or special pricing.

The 20 mil wear layer makes Southwind Loose Lay Plank good for commercial installs as well. Which is why it has 10 Year Commercial Warranty. Properly glued down, this floor is dimensionally stable. Especially when compared to hardwood or laminate flooring. The uniform dimensions of the planks leads to shorter installation times. Installers should remember to keep the floor staggered randomly. This would help make the most use of the flooring planks. See below for Southwind install directions.

As a rule of thumb, glued down floors are the easiest to repair. They are soft underfoot but durable for everyday use. This flooring product has a realistic images and holds up well against toys and pet claws. All around Southwind Loose Lay Plank is a comfortable option that would go well in most homes. Timber Wood goes well with both modern and traditional home designs. When installed like a Glue down product, this floor is more dimensionally stable than hardwood or laminate flooring. As long as your floor is prepped appropriately, installs can be finished faster than with click products.

Southwind Loose Lay Plank Timber Wood

Southwind Loose Lay Plank Timber Wood

More Info:

Indoor Air Quality Certificates Maintenance InformationSouthwind Warranty Information Installation & Maintenance Instructions

Install Instructions:

Here are some general guidelines for your project.

  1. Ensure floor is clean, flat, and RH levels are within spec.
  2. Bring in your flooring 48 hours prior to install.
  3. Under cut all door jams and remove all baseboards.
  4. Find your starting point
  5. Snap a chalk line to verify if starting wall is square
  6. Keep a 1/4" gap all around your installation
  7. Spread appropriate glue and let it flash off. (Glue should get tacky and shouldn't transfer if touched.)
  8. Use a scoring knife to make your straight cuts.
  9. Use a Swiffer to remove dust.
  10. Reinstall baseboards
  11. Caulk entryways, toilets, and bathtub connections.


Brand: Southwind
Model Number: L80KD-8005
Construction: Vinyl, Fiberglass reinforced
Sound Insulation: Non-skid Backing
Milling: Non Clicking Edge
Grain: Woodgrain
Plank Length: 48"
Plank Width: 6"
Plank Thickness: 5mm
Attached Pad: Non-skid Backing
Wear Layer: 20 mil
Weight (lb): 36.4
Installation Type: Floating
Warranty: Lifetime Residential/10 Yr Commercial
LEED Points:
Indoor Air Quality: N/A
Certification: FloorScore® Certified
Sound Rating: N/A
Application: Commercial,Residential
Characteristics: Woodgrain
Radiant Heat Compatible: N/A

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