Free Measurements, Delivery, Samples, & Sales Tax

For our local clients, due to you being much closer to us than say our clients in New York or California, we’ve got some additional perks.

  1. If you call or email us, we can arrange for you to get free shipping anywhere in North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. For Residents within 140 miles of Fargo, we can offer additional delivery options such as into the jobsite delivery vs curbside shipping.
  2.  If you call or email us, we can deliver or mail you free samples. Sometimes we can even bring entire boxes of flooring and set them up in your home, just contact us.
  3. We do have to charge sales tax in North Dakota as we have a physical location in Valley City. This does not apply to Minnesota, South Dakota, nor Wisconsin. 

Installation Services

We are more than happy to simply sell you the flooring materials, but we understand if you’re curious and want an itemized quote that also includes installation.

We’ve developed a calculator that helps you see what your all encompassing project costs would be based on our past projects. To use the calculator, click on the button below.

How Can We Offer Competitive Pricing?

We stock, sell, and install these products within a 400 mile radius of our main office. With our employees AND subcontractors, we move enough material to where we can piggy back off our weekly orders.

That also explains why we only sell a select few brands, we’d rather be important to a few suppliers than not important to many. It also helps us leverage for better pricing and get better responses to product warranty claims.

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